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Mr. Spalvieri has over 41 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. While pursuing a geology degree at Oklahoma State, he worked as a petroleum land manager and consulting exploration geologist and concentrated in central and western Oklahoma. In 1987, Mr. Spalvieri helped form Freedom Company USA and served as the Vice President and Exploration Manager. In 1988, with the assistance of his mother, Shirley M. Spalvieri, Mr. Spalvieri struck out on his own and created Buckeye Exploration Company. While establishing Buckeye Exploration, Mr. Spalvieri worked as a consulting geologist for the following companies:

Convest Energy Corp.

McIntyre Oil Co.

Kingfisher Resources

Hillcrest Production Co.

Ebony Oil & Gas

Tennergy Pipeline Co.

HCL Inc.

Ed S. Spragins

Sherman Oil and Gas

Sharp & Associates

Young Oil Corp.

Tenok Energy

P & J Oil and Gas

Maverick Exploration Co.

Capstone Energy, LLC

Bedford Energy Inc.

Grace Oil & Gas, Inc.

Larry Sherman Oil, LLC

MIKA Energy, LLC

TERAZAN Energy II of Oklahoma

Underwood Oil & Gas

Since Buckeye’s inception in 1988, Mr. Spalvieri has extensively studied the geology of Oklahoma, northwest Georgia, north central Tennessee, and south central Kentucky. He has identified, leased, drilled, completed, and operated many oil and gas projects. Whether directly or indirectly, Mr. Spalvieri has been involved in the drilling of nearly 400 new wells and enjoys a success rate of over 90% for the prospects he generates.

Following a major gas discovery, Mr. Spalvieri built and operated a gas processing plant and acquired a 60-mile natural gas pipeline. He has also worked on new drilling technology methods for conventional drilling, regularly guest lectures at the University of Oklahoma, and gives Rock Talks to the Cloverbuds in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 

Jerry M. Spalvieri


Education and Experience








Circuit Board
Cracked Rocks
Gas Managment_1
Gas Burner

Degree in Computer Science from Kent State

Worked as a landman and weekend pumper for Rex Moore

Degree in Geology from Oklahoma State University

Land work for Amoco and Conoco

Helped form Freedom Oil Company

Worked as a petroleum land manager and consulting exploration geologist for majors and independents

Formed Buckeye Exploration Company

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