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A True Wildcatter

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

                                                                 -Thomas A. Edison 

Opportunity rarely looks the way we think it ought to, but a great wildcatter will spot it nonetheless. The success of Buckeye Exploration hinges as much on its recognition of opportunity as it does on its team's strong geological and petrophysical knowledge. But recognition alone does not reap rewards. The prize is only earned by the one who has the courage and wherewithal to step into unfamiliar territory and take a chance. Buckeye has a history of taking those chances and creating value where none existed before.

Where most independents utilize consultants, Buckeye Exploration employs four petroleum geologists. Each petroleum geologist also possesses their own subset of skills, including additional degrees in physics, computer science, and engineering as well as experience in seemingly unrelated fields like law, agriculture, hydrology, and even design. The comprehensive and unique combination of skills our team possesses has allowed Buckeye to succeed, even in unusual endeavors.

About Jerry Spalvieri, John Absalon, a geoscientist and educator, said it best: "He’s crazy like a fox...He really does know what he’s doing." (North Georgia becomes a hunting ground for natural gas, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 7th, 2015.)

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