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Jerry Spalvieri, guest lecture at The University of Oklahoma, Seeing Missed Opportunities and Rethinking Production Practices to Increase Proved Reserves, 2021.

The University of Oklahoma, Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy

Mr. Spalvieri is a regular guest speaker at OU's Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy. He speaks to upper-level Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geology students on such topics as "How to Generate a Prospect" and "Life as an Independent." The title of Mr. Spalvieri's most recent talk (above), "Seeing Missed Opportunities and Rethinking Production Practices to Increase Proved Reserves," highlights a particular skill of Mr. Spalvieri's: seeing value and opportunity that others may miss. 

Understanding the physical world is not only key for successful energy exploration, but also for environmental stewardship. Today's energy industry is proving that the two ideas need not be at odds. In his lectures to fourth-year students at OU, Mr. Spalvieri discusses areas of environmental concern and how solutions may be included into an economically viable project. As new petrophysical concepts become better understood, Buckeye Exploration's practices and procedures evolve to incorporate environmentally conscious advancements that still bring profits to its investors.

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Jerry Spalvieri, Rock Talk with the Kingfisher County Cloverbuds, 2021, How are Metamorphic Rocks like S'mores? 

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Mr. Spalvieri recognizes the value of geoscience education for all ages. He regularly gives "Rock Talks" to grade school children to teach children about geological processes and has been involved in geological education grade school education all over central Oklahoma for over 30 years. Mr. Spalvieri Pictured above is one of Mr. Spalvieri's tastiest Rock Talks. S'mores are used to teach the Cloverbuds about the formation of metamorphic rocks. 

The Cloverbuds are a non-profit organization for youth 5-8 years of age who are not yet old enough to enroll in 4-H programs. Half of all proceeds from sales of our merchandise are donated to the Kingfisher Cloverbuds. Visit our SHOP to learn more.


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