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C. Douglas LeMaster

Vice President

With over 35 years of experience as a petroleum geologist, Doug LeMaster received a Bachelors degree in Geology at Oklahoma State University in 1987.  While pursuing a Graduate degree, he has worked with local oil companies as an independent petroleum geologist in central Oklahoma, north central Tennessee, south central Kentucky and northwest Georgia.

While living in Tennessee from 1993 to 1998, Mr. LeMaster worked in the Southern Appalachian area and exhaustively studied the region. He has extensive experience in all drilling, completion, and production aspects of the oil and gas industry.  Mr. LeMaster oversaw natural gas plant construction and pipeline operations for Buckeye Exploration Company and S & S Drilling, following a large natural gas discovery in Three Forks, Tennessee,

Mr. LeMaster played a pivotal role in the origination and implementation of the natural gas discovery well in the State of Georgia. During his career, he has worked with and for:

Buckeye Exploration Company

Buckeye Natural Gas

S & S Drilling

Sharp & Associates

SmithCo Oil and Gas

Young Oil Corp.

Pepin Oil Inc.

Ebony Oil & Gas

Ebony Fuels Inc.

Tennergy Pipeline Company

Maverick Exploration Company

Capstone Energy, LLC

Bedford Energy, Inc.

Grace Oil & Gas, Inc.

Larry Sherman Oil LLC


TERZAN Energy II of Oklahoma

Sherman Oil & Gas LLC, and Underwood Oil & Gas.

Ed S. Spragins

Sherman Oil and Gas

Sharp & Associates

Young Oil Corp.

Tenok Energy

P & J Oil and Gas

Maverick Exploration Co.

Capstone Energy, LLC

Bedford Energy Inc.

Grace Oil & Gas, Inc.

Larry Sherman Oil, LLC

MIKA Ebergy, LLC

TERAZAN Energy II of Oklahoma

Underwood Oil & Gas

Mr. LeMaster maintains membership with the American Associations of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

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